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MAR20318 Certificate II in Maritime Operations (Coxswain Grade 1 Near Coastal)

National ID: MAR20318 | State ID: BDU0

Coxswain's can gain employment in the small vessel sector in commercial workboats, fisheries, fishing, tourism and aquaculture.

This qualification is suitable for people who want to command and operate a vessel less than 12 metres long with unlimited outboard engine propulsion, or inboard engines less than 100 kilowatts.

Your qualification prepares you for roles such as:

This qualification is suitable for people who work as a Coxswain Grade 1 Near Coastal in the maritime industry and Command a Commercial Marine Vessel which is up to 12 meters in length. The propulsion power must be unlimited for an outboard engine or up to 500 kW for an inboard engine.Vessel: inshore or as a tender or auxiliary vessel within 3 nautical miles (nm) of a parent vessel within the exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

Further Study Option(s)

Certificate III in Maritime Operations (Master up to 24 metres Near Coastal)

Course overview

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  • 10 weeks
  • Not competitive
  • No selection criteria
Location Duration Competitive Selection criteria
Fremantle 10 weeks No No selection criteria

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